Jewish schools offer exceptionally high achievement, good behaviour, warm, caring environments, and the chance for young people to learn about their identity as 21st century Jews.
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Gesher Special School
Open Evening

Gesher Special School is a new Jewish primary school for children aged 5-11which is currently on schedule to open September 2017.  Gesher school is for children who experience difficulties with:

Social Interaction
Motor Skills
Sensory Processing Disorders

These children will typically be fully statemented/ECHP and have the potential to function in mainstream school, but will struggle often resulting in their exclusion; this cohort of children would benefit and progress more from being in a small caring nurturing environment where there is a multi-sensory approach to teaching. 

Often these children will have spiky profiles and many will have a diagnosis of ASD.

We would like to invite you to an an open evening on Wednesday 18th May at 8pm at Mill Hill Synagogue.  On the evening, Ali Durban and Sarah Sultman co-founders will set out the current plans for Gesher aswell its ethos and aims.   They will be supported by educational professionals  who will also be able to answer any questions you may have.   The purpose of the evening is to inform the professional community about Gesher, so that parents can be supported in choosing the appropriate educational environment for their child and for prospective parents interested to find out more about their educational options.

We will also use it as an opportunity to garner feedback whilst the school is in its developmental stage. Please do feel free to invite anyone who you think might benefit or find it interesting.

Please let us know if you would like to attend either by email or phone 07971 554 038, so that we can confirm your place.

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