Jewish nurseries offer warm, caring and secure Jewish environments teaching children strong basic skills while providing a fun introduction to traditional Jewish life through art, music and other activities.
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All Nursery Schools (65)

London (56)
Alonim Kindergarten
Alyth Kindergarten
Apples and Honey Nursery
Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Nursery
Beis Yaakov Primary School Nursery
Beit Shvidler Primary School Nursery
Brondesbury Park Synagogue Nursery
Bushey Gan
Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue Nursery
Clore Shalom School Nursery
Clore Tikva School Nursery
Danescroft Nursery
EAYC Nursery
Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School Nursery
Finchley Reform Synagogue Kindergarten
Gan Alon
Gan Kinneret Nursery
Gan Menachem
Gan Talpiyot
Gan Yachad
Gilah Nursery
Hasmonean Primary School Nursery
Hertsmere Jewish Primary School Nursery
Independent Jewish Day School Nursery
Kerem Early Years Unit
Keren's Nursery, Belsize Park
Keren's Nursery, Hampstead Garden Suburb
Keren's Nursery, Holland Park
Kindergarten in the Wood
Little Bicks Gan Orre
Little Bicks Nursery
Little Gems
Mathilda Marks Kennedy School Nursery
Menorah Foundation School Nursery
Menorah Primary School Nursery
Moriah Jewish Day School Nursery
Nagila Pre-School
Naima Jewish Preparatory School Nursery
Nancy Reuben Primary School Nursery
Noah's Arkley
Noam Primary School Nursery
North West London Jewish Day School Nursery
Pinner Jewish Kindergarten
Rosh Pinah Primary School Nursery
Sharon Kindergarten
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School Nursery
Sinai Jewish Primary School Nursery
Stars Nursery LLP
TLC (Tracy Lewis Childcare) Nursery @ Nishmas
TLC (Tracy Lewis Childcare) Nursery @ Toras Chaim
Tuffkid Nursery
Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School Gan
Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School Nursery
Wolfson Hillel Primary School Nursery
Yavneh Nursery
Yeladenu Pre-School

Midlands (1)
King David Primary School Nursery (Birmingham)

North West (6)
Brodetsky Primary School Nursery
Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School Nursery
Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School Nursery
Deborah Taylor Nursery
King David Primary School Nursery (Manchester)
North Cheshire Jewish Day Nursery

Scotland (1)
Calderwood Lodge Nursery

South (1)
Torah Nursery


Will going to a Jewish pre-school nursery help me get a place in a Jewish nursery school?
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Some schools that require a CRP form to be submitted give points to children who have attended a Jewish pre-school nursery.
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How can I find out if there are any Jewish nurseries in my area?
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On our homepage you can type in your postcode which will bring up nurseries in your area. 

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We are not an observant family. Will we still be able to get a place for a Jewish nursery?
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 Yes, there are a variety of nursery schools available and you should visit them to select which suits your child.

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What sort of things do Jewish nurseries add that is different to other nurseries?
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 Jewish nurseries provide many similar activities to other nurseries with the added provision of learning about Jewish traditions. For example, they hold Shabbat parties each Friday, celebrate Jewish festivals with related art work and perhaps special food. The Home Corner might contain items such as candlesticks or a charity box. Jewish values such as hospitality and caring for the environment may be emphasised.

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