Jewish nurseries offer warm, caring and secure Jewish environments teaching children strong basic skills while providing a fun introduction to traditional Jewish life through art, music and other activities.
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Deborah Taylor Nursery

Age group: 2 - 4
Headteacher: Lindsay Seaton
Deborah Taylor Nursery
Primley Park Road
West Yorkshire
LS17 7HR
Telephone: 0113 293 0579
Fax: 0113 293 0578

Deborah Taylor Nursery is an orthodox Jewish nursery which caters to the entire Jewish community of Leeds and surrounding areas. The nursery has occupied its present site since 1974 and feeds into  Brodetsky Primary School which shares the same site. There is a strong Jewish ethos in the nursery and children are helped to develop not only a sense of who they are but also a flavour of what it means to be Jewish. Children are encouraged to have a love of the daily and weekly rituals together with the numerous festivals which are celebrated throughout the year.

Deborah Taylor Nursery is registered as a full day nursery and offers flexible provision over its morning, lunchtime and afternoon sessions. It offers early morning sessions for early drop-off from 8.00am.

The Deborah Taylor Playgroup runs from 8.45am to 12.00pm and is for children aged two to three-years-old. The Deborah Taylor Nursery runs from 12.00pm to 3.15pm and is for two to four-year-olds. Many children attend the Brodetsky Nursery in the morning then attend the Deborah Taylor Nursery in the afternoon. Fees are calculated per term and parents can request any combination of the above sessions subject to availability.

The Deborah Taylor Nursery operates a very effective security system which employs security guards on each of the two entrance gates. A contribution to the cost of this security is requested of parents/carers each term.

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