Jewish nurseries offer warm, caring and secure Jewish environments teaching children strong basic skills while providing a fun introduction to traditional Jewish life through art, music and other activities.
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Gan Kinneret Nursery

Age group: 1 - 5
Headteacher: Dina Samson
Gan Kinneret Nursery
Edgware United Synagogue
Parnell Close
Telephone: 020 8958 4777

Gan Kinneret has been running for over thirty years caring for young children between the ages of 1 to 5, and has a total of 63 children a day split between four age appropriate classrooms.

Gan Kinneret encourages all children, of all abilities, to become independent, confident and well rounded children.

The nursery teaches children to learn through play and communication, basing daily plans and activities on the Early Years Foundation Stage. It  teaches by example, showing the children how to behave respectfully and to form good relationships with others.

Gan Kinneret develops children’s skills and interests through teacher led activities, and develops their independence through a range of free play resources. It also develops their knowledge of secular topics, as well as religious education.

At the end of each year at Gan Kinneret, the children produce a show for all the parents, showing them how much they have grown in confidence and how much they have learnt during their time with us.

The nursery is open for 38 weeks each year, 5 days each week from 8.30am to 4.00pm
All extra sessions are available from Monday - Thursday at an additional cost and subject to available places. These can be booked termly to avoid disappointment, or weekly when needed. Lunch sessions are until 1.00pm. Children are provided with a hot, vegetarian, kosher meal. The afternoon sessions end at 2.00pm, 3.00pm or 4.00pm, where children will have a range of activities within the EYFS.


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