Jewish nurseries offer warm, caring and secure Jewish environments teaching children strong basic skills while providing a fun introduction to traditional Jewish life through art, music and other activities.
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Tuffkid Nursery

Age group: 2 - 4
Headteacher: Sora Kopfstein
Tuffkid Nursery
3 Western Avenue
NW11 9HG
Telephone: 020 8201 8488

Tuffkid is the integrated nursery of Kisharon Day School which accommodates 26 children from two years of age. Tuffkid welcomes children who are experiencing developmental problems.

At Tuffkid Nursery, children with special needs play and learn alongside mainstream children. Together, they take their first steps in a lifetime of growth and achievement. The high staff to pupil ratio and the child development expertise makes this a very sought after environment.

Tuffkid is able to provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy where necessary. Early intervention can prove critical in preventing future difficulties. Tuffkid is an essential stepping stone for parents in their struggle to come to terms with their child’s disability. From the comfort of a mainstream setting, parents are encouraged to voice their concerns and fight for their child's educational rights.

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