Jewish nurseries offer warm, caring and secure Jewish environments teaching children strong basic skills while providing a fun introduction to traditional Jewish life through art, music and other activities.
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Wolfson Hillel Primary School Nursery

Age group: 3 - 4
Headteacher: Ms Kirsten Jowett
Wolfson Hillel Primary School Nursery
154 Chase Road
N14 4LG
Telephone: 020 8882 6487
Fax: 020 8882 7965
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Wolfson Hillel Primary School is a co-educational voluntary-aided school based in Southgate, London. Established in 1992 the school draws pupils from many surrounding areas including Barnet, Woodside Park, Muswell Hill, Finchley and Borehamwood.

The school caters for a total of 478 pupils, with 58 places available in the nursery which is staffed by a highly skilled and experienced team. Each day the nursery children learn about Jewish Studies, and those who take advantage of the private afternoon provision, available four days a week, can enjoy a hot meaty meal.

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