Jewish schools offer exceptionally high achievement, good behaviour, warm, caring environments, and the chance for young people to learn about their identity as 21st century Jews.
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Immanuel College Preparatory School

Age group: 4 - 11
Headteacher: Mrs Alexis Gaffin
Immanuel College Preparatory School
87-91 Elstree Road
WD23 4EB
Telephone: 020 8955 8938 (term time) 020 8950 0604 (holidays)
Fax: 020 8950 8462
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The Immanuel College Preparatory School enables children, at a formative stage in their lives, to experience the joy and excitement of learning in a school which celebrates individual strengths and talents and allows pupils to develop the confidence, motivation and ambition that are the hallmarks of the school.

The Immanuel College Preparatory School opened in September 2011 to pupils in Reception. Thereafter, the school will grow annually until it comprises all years from Reception to Year 6.

The Preparatory School is an integral part of Immanuel College. The Head Master of the College, Charles Dormer, has ultimate responsibility for the Prep School, though its day-to-day operation will be overseen by a Head of Section, who will report to the Head Master.

The Prep School is located in its own building and has its own entrance. Pupils benefit from attractive, refurbished classrooms, new toilet facilities, and a safe, dedicated playground.

The location of the Prep School on the same site as the Senior School brings with it an array of exciting opportunities for its pupils. These include the opportunity for pupil to engage with senior-school specialist subject teachers (for instance of Kodesh, modern foreign languages, art, drama, music and physical education) and to access facilities such as the Joyce King Theatre, art and music studios, sports pitches, and science and ICT laboratories. In this way the Prep School promotes its pupils' academic ambition, support their growth as individuals, and facilitate their transition into senior-school life when they reach Year 7.

The Prep School provides an academically challenging environment which is vibrant, happy, creative and stimulating. Its teachers have high expectations but will equally foster a nurturing environment in order to promote pupils' academic growth and to provide the support they need in order to make excellent progress in their studies. The school encourages its pupils to develop intellectual independence and an enduring love of learning for its own sake, equipping them for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


Telephone: 020 8955 8938 (term time)
020 8950 0604 or Lynda Dullop on 07872 604 767 (holiday time)


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