Jewish schools offer exceptionally high achievement, good behaviour, warm, caring environments, and the chance for young people to learn about their identity as 21st century Jews.
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Naima Jewish Preparatory School

Age group: 3 - 11
Headteacher: Mr Bill Pratt
Naima Jewish Preparatory School
21 Andover Place
Maida Vale
Telephone: 020 7328 2802
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Naima Jewish Preparatory School is an independent co-educational school based in Maida Vale, London. It was founded in 1983 and has a roll of 175 children with class sizes of around 22 children.

The school follows a curriculum that extends beyond the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum and is developed to provide a broad and balanced education across English, Mathematics and Science, as well as History, Geography, Art, Music, Information Communication Technology, Physical Education and Sports.

Naima educates its children in order to acquire a love of the Torah, and to have respect and appreciation for Israel. It aims to impart knowledge and understanding of Torah and its mitzvot so that the children conduct themselves according to Jewish practice and values in day to day life.

All children learn to develop a facility in reading, writing and understanding Hebrew. Daily services are held to establish familiarity with the prayers. Wherever possible, secular and Jewish activities are integrated in the fields of music, art and language.

Extra-curricular lessons are provided for piano and guitar. Weekly after-school clubs are offered for football, design and technology, choir, multi-sports, Ivrit, and Jewish activities. There are active lunchtime clubs for multi-sports, choir, and chess. A breakfast club meets weekly for tefillah, breakfast and Jewish learning. The school regularly competes in sports matches against other schools.

The school takes full advantage of the rich variety of resources available at many museums, botanical gardens, theatre workshops, book fairs and concerts in London. Children regularly take part in drama workshops to enforce history learning and imaginative activity, and enjoy visits from chamber music quartets, book fairs, and theatrical groups.

In its recent Independent Schools Inspectorate report in May 2009 inspectors said: “The school provides a good educational experience. It is successful in meeting its aim of providing a rich secular education alongside vigorous Jewish learning.”


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