Jewish schools offer exceptionally high achievement, good behaviour, warm, caring environments, and the chance for young people to learn about their identity as 21st century Jews.
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Noam Primary School

Age group: 3 - 11
Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Simmonds
Noam Primary School
8-10 Forty Avenue
Telephone: 020 8908 9491
Fax: 020 8908 5071
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Noam Primary School is an independent orthodox school located in Wembley. The school was established in 1999 and has approximately 150 children on its roll, with 24 places available for Nursery and Reception.

Noam Primary School aims to provide excellence in primary school education that is founded upon the laws, traditions and culture of orthodox Judaism. The school is founded upon the belief that every aspect of a person’s life must be guided by the Torah and its values, and that those values, if encouraged when children are still young, have every hope of remaining with them throughout their lives. Ideals such as love and respect for a fellow man and an appreciation of the wonders of Hashem therefore permeate the environment in which all teaching at Noam takes place, be it Kodesh, secular, or extra-curricular activities.


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